Preludes for friends

The project was attended by: Carlos Alberto Castro, Alberto Mesirca, Mauricio González, Marco Ramelli, Juan Carlos Laguna, Josué Gutiérrez, Giampaolo Bandini, Andrea De Vitis, Rodrigo Herrera, Mauro Zanatta, Pavel Steidl, Adriano Del Sal.
SEEDS is a project conceived and written during the restrictions for COVID19 in order to be able to continue to keep alive the relationships with the musicians with whom I shared the most important moments of my training and musical career. The piece is composed of twelve different situations linked together by a single theme. A symbol for every musician, a musician for every Prelude. Let's not forget that to be alive we must be an organism!

The main work is accompanied by the 12 SEEDS represented individually, one for each prelude, on 20x20 tablets. Each SEED can be purchased together with the score. The edition is limited.