This CD gathers a selection of works written among 2004 and 2007. The leitmotiv that connects them is the strict relation between the sonorous vibration and the chromatic one. The songs contained are directly related to paintings and drawings that I have created over the years. This CD is the first point of mine synesthetic research and refers (can not be otherwise) only to the sound aspect of created works.



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World Premiere of the concert for three guitars and orchestra. Auditorium Concordia, Pordenone, Italia, the 23th November 2008. At the guitars: Trio Nahual. Director: Maestro Alberto Pollesel. Orchestra Accademia Musicale Naonis. The piece was commissioned by International Guitar Festival of Friuli Venezia Giulia and was dedicated to Maestro Leo Brouwer.


Italian Premiere of Quintet for guitar and sting quartet Omaggio a Kandinsky. Ex Convento di San Francesco, Pordenone, Italia, the 20th November 2011 during the XVI International Guitar Festival of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Guitar: Marco De Biasi. Quartetto Strehler. Lights: Rodrigo Herrera.



  • 2017

    Kcor, for solo guitar, 4m30s
    Dream of a Misty Landscape, for to guitars and flute, 5m
    Paganini on the rock, for guitar and violin, 6m30s
  • 2016

    Toccata Ritoccata, for 10 strings guitar, 8m
    The color organ, for organ, 10m
    Vento d’inverno, for solo guitar, 4m30s
    Petricore, for solo guitar, 2m30s
    La fine di un’epoca, for solo guitar, 6m45s
  • 2015

    Macchina per allitterazioni, forfl, mand, vib, pf 4 hands, vcl, S, 5m
  • 2014

    Il Volo dei Numeri, for fl, piccolo, cl, cl bas, vib, perc, pf, vl, vcl, 12m
    Lumen et Umbrae, Tribute to Toru Takemitsu, for solo guitar, Ava Editions, 10m
    Ipnosi, for solo guitar, 17m
  • 2013

    Ottetto cromatico op.22, for wind octet (2 ob, 2 cl, 2 hrn, 2 bsn), 10m
    Celeste, fonocromatic work for guitar and video, 3m30s
    Improvvisazioni Parte I, for solo guitar, 14m
    Il velo del crepuscolo, for solo guitar, 4m30s
    Sette studi op.23,for three guitars, 17m30s
    Improvvisazioni, Parte II (Improvvisazioni V, VI), for solo guitar, EDITORIAL DE MUSICA ESPANOLA CONTEMPORANEA EMEC, 10m
    Improvvisazioni, Parte III (Improvvisazione VII), for solo guitar 4m
  • 2012

    Ashwattha op.21, for eight guitars, 13m
  • 2011

    op.18a Ipercubo, for four guitars, 9m
  • 2010

    op.18 Ipercubo, for six guitars, Edizioni Sinfonica (Carisch), 9m
    op.19 Omaggio al suono rosso ed al quadrato giallo, for string quarte, 13m2011
    Sonata n°1 Op20, for piano solo, 8m
  • 2009

    Tre capelli d’oro, for solo guitar, 3m
    op.16 Il Giardino nella neve (Fable music with narration), for solo guitar and narrative voice, Edizioni Lineadaria, 23m
    op.17 Suite, for solo guitar, Chanterelle Verlag Editions, 15m
  • 2008

    op.14 Trittico, per chitarra sola, 13m
    op.15 Concerto per tre chitarre e orchestra – connected with the pictorial work: “Il confine dello spazio e del tempo e il suo doppio” Acrylico on canvas 120×120, Chanterelle Verlag Editions, 20m
  • 2007

    op.12 Toccata (for 10 strings guitar or for 6 stirngs guitar), 8m
    op.13 Meditazione n°4, for guitar and flute
    connected with the pictorial work: “Meditazione n.4” 50×50 Acrylico on canvas 5m
  • 2006/2008

    op.11 Olos Eires, 11 preludi in forma di variazione, for solo guitar, 14m
  • 2006

    op.9 Quattro aforismi, for solo guitar, 2m20s
    op.10 Music from Brakhage, for solo guitar, connected with the videos of the USA film maker Stan Brakhage (Night Music, Stellar, Glaze of chatexis), 8m
  • 2005

    Preludio, for solo guitar, 2m
    op.6 18 Studi progressivi, for solo guitar, 22m
    op.7 Omaggio a Prokofiev, for two guitars, 8m30s
    op.8 Quattro Omaggi, for solo guitar, Edizioni VP Musicmedia, 20m
  • 2004

    op.5 Eud Eires, for three guitars, Chanterelle Verlag Editions, 9m
  • 2003

    Kùklos, for solo guitar, 5m30s
    La Tela di penelope, for eight guitars, 7m
    Kairos, for solo guitar, 1m
    40 sotto 0, fo three or four guitars, 1m30s
    op.4 Omaggio a Kandinsky, for guitar and string quartet
    connected with the pictorial work: “Omaggio a Kandinsky” Acrilic on wood 168×102, Berben Edition,15m
  • 2002/2003

    op.3 12 Studi, for solo guitar, 23m
  • 2002

    op.1 Improvviso…dopo un sogno, for solo guitar, 3m40s
    op.2 Eires, for three guitars, Chanterelle Verlag Editions, 6m
    Sonatina, for solo flute, 5m
    Sonata, for two guitars, 9m30s
  • 2001

    Preludio dopo Boudelaire, for solo guitar, 1m20s
    Danza Antica, for solo guitar, 2m
    Fuga, for solo guitar, 3m